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Raja Melathalam 18 Inches HD


Raja Mela Thalam is an Indian musical instrument that has great importance in our culture. Melathalams are used in all functions and played manually and individually.

Description : Raja Mela Thalam is a mechanized one. Raja melathalam has one murasu, two bells and two sekandis. Raja Melathalam does 5 artisans work at a time. Raja Mela Thalam ensures synchronizing of all to get the right rhytham. Raja Electric Temple Drum and Bell Aarti Nagada Machine had reached Indian temples all over the world. Raja Mela Thalam is used for all abhisheka, Aarthis and pujas in temples. automatic Temple drum bell Arti Nagada machine usage also helps to assemble all devotees and maintain silence.

  • Sizes        : Diameter of the drum is 18 inches.
  • Diameter :  Diameter of the drum is 18 inches.
  • Temple     :  1000 sq ft Temple