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Raja Melathalam 12 Inches HD


The main objective of this invention is to totally eliminate the manpower required by electrically operating the device.

Description : It is an integration of three units, disc-shaped bells, conical-shaped hanging bells, and the drum, synchronized for operational activities, power derived from an electric motor. The drive mechanism is through a gearbox-pulley arrangement, belt-driven by the motor. Gearbox assembly carries a set of gears, which in turn activate cams, striking harmony between the instruments. A lever, adjoining the gearbox assembly, carrying nylon chords on either side, actuates the conical-shaped hanging bells. The lateral movement of the lever is converted to linear motion by a nylon roller. The hammers at either end are actuated by cams, which strike the disk-shaped bells, roller cams bolted to the gear body actuate the drum sticks, exerting a striking force on the drum. The conical hanging bells are supported on a tubular frame.

  • Sizes        : The diameter of the drum is 12 inches.
  • Diameter :  The diameter of the drum is 12 inches.
  • Temple     :  500 sq ft Temple